Royal Jewellery – HRH Queen Elizabeth II’s Brooches

As part of our Royal Jewellery feature, we’ve decided to start by looking at the matriarch of the Family – HRH Queen Elizabeth II [cue bow/curtsy]

While we could have chosen her stunning tiara collection or her bold pendant and earring sets. Instead, and why not indeed, we’re looking at her beautiful brooches! Because no matter which outfit HRH dons, she always has the perfect brooch accompaniment.

Glistening diamonds, pearls, rubies, emeralds, aquamarines, even remembrance poppies. They’re all present, correct and sparkling! Most of her brooches follow a beautiful floral design with a cluster of glittering stones. Many also have an elegant ‘drop’ feature which adds a little movement to the piece too.

Which is your favourite?

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