Affordable jewellery to suit your budget

We are a recommended bespoke jewellers with great customer savings. We pride ourselves in creating perfect jewellery to suit your style and budget. Here at Form Bespoke Jewellers, Leeds, we are recommended for our expert knowledge, beautiful quality and excellent customer care. Often this kind of service comes at a high price, but not here! We create jewellery to suit your style and your budget. Here’s how we make savings for you…

We are a small team with minimal overheads

You benefit directly from the fact that we have few expenses of our own. Therefore we don’t need to mark up our jewellery to the extent of a traditional jewellery store. With over 60 years of experience right across the jewellery trade, our small team of recommended jewellers can do the job fully and efficiently, without all the extra industry trimmings.

We don’t have a shop front with expensive stock

One reason why retail outlets often have to charge a lot more for fine jewellery, is the costs they incur themselves by having to stock it. Fine jewellery is something that may not fly out of their shop on the first day. Rather, fine jewellery may sit there for weeks, even months, before it finds the right owner. In these circumstances, the jewellery has to be paying for itself whilst still in the shop. Hence, the price will reflect this, especially with larger pieces. We do not work in this way. Therefore we do not need to pass on this cost. Every piece of jewellery made at Form Bespoke Jewellers is uniquely designed and created just for you.

We have reputable industry contacts

We have created excellent and reputable contacts in the gemstone and fine metal industries over the years. When we make your bespoke engagement and wedding rings, you benefit from the great savings we find that we can then pass on to you.

We don’t advertise

Advertising is an effective way to gain more customers. But put simply, we don’t need to advertise. We find the best thing for us is word of mouth, as everyone leaves with a big smile. Many of our customers are returning customers or recommended from previous customers, so we save by not needing to advertise. Consequently, this is not a cost we have to add to our pricing and therefore you save too.

We enjoy saving you money

Whilst all the above is true, we could still pile on the mark up, but we don’t. We enjoy helping our customers to get the jewellery they dream of, for an affordable price. Also, at Form Bespoke Jewellers, we pride ourselves on the finishing of our jewellery. We like to see it keep its shine! We offer all our customers complimentary lifetime maintenance on our jewellery.

And don’t worry, we may be a small team with a small amount of stock, but we still have a lot to show you when you visit us at our workshop in Chapel Allerton, Leeds. When we make a prototype or CAD image of a bespoke engagement ring, wedding rings, eternity rings or piece of gift jewellery, we have it cast into whichever precious metal our customer requires. But at the same time, we will have some silver castings produced too. We will then finish and set these with synthetic stones to put in our showroom. Therefore you will always be able to see many styles and the diversity of jewellery we’re able to create right here at Form Bespoke Jewellers.