Becoming Form Bespoke Jewellers Ltd.

Tim Swann, Gary Thompson and Michael Dransfield have enjoyed successful careers across many areas of the jewellery industry. With a combined experience of over 100 years, they create a unique experience at Form Bespoke Jewellers in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Realising that there was a void in the market for their expert skills, Tim and Michael created Form Bespoke Jewellers in 2004. The aim was to offer something new for customers and to make a real difference to how people buy jewellery. They wanted to remove the shop front and salesman and instead create a personal, unique customer experience. It wasn’t long before Gary joined Form Bespoke Jewellers in 2011.

“Jewellery is what we know. We worked alongside one another in industry-leading manufacturing jewellers, as well as in retail. Having seen both sides of the coin, we consequently decided to produce a unique package for buying jewellery. We wanted to be working directly with our customers creating exactly what they wanted. So our thought was: If you want it, ask. We’ve never been stumped yet!” - Director, Tim Swann

Our most requested items are bespoke, handmade engagement rings, wedding rings and eternity rings. However, here at Form Bespoke Jewellers, we also create bespoke dress rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and earrings. See our Portfolio of Previous Commissions …>

Our previous trade clients include Harrods, Royal Dalton, British Heritage, Jeff Banks, Marks & Spencer, Costco, and many independent retailers.

Our Ten Year Anniversary

In August 2014, we celebrated our Ten Year Anniversary! To mark this, we created a special world map showcasing where Form’s handmade jewellery has travelled over the past decade. Engagement rings had visited Fiji, Iceland and the Bahamas. Wedding rings had adventured to Hawaii, Peru and Malaysia. And many more places in between! Our bespoke world map is now on display in our waiting room in our new Chapel Allerton premises.

Our New Premises

With the start of 2019, we have now well and truly settled into our new premises. We chose to stay in Chapel Allerton, Leeds, West Yorkshire. But have moved just round the corner, with fabulous views of the famous Willow Tree and up Harrogate Road. Our new premises boasts a gallery entrance, comfy waiting room, sparkling jewellery showroom and new jewellery workshop. And we’ve got viewing windows too, so you can see directly into our expert Yorkshire jewellers working on your bespoke jewellery pieces! Read more here…>