Engagement ring styles

Our expert jewellers want to create your perfect bespoke engagement ring. We know that choosing the right style can sometimes be a tricky one, especially if you are planning a surprise proposal where all the decisions are down to you.

If you know the style your partner will love or if you’ve got a few ideas, that’s a good start. Maybe you’ve come up with a design that’s a bit “off the wall”? Well, we love a challenge too! We’ve made many beautiful and bespoke engagement rings in lots of different styles. From contemporary and quirky styles to traditional and classical engagement rings.

Here we’ve put together a list of some of the most common engagement ring styles which might give you a helpful starting point for your engagement ring design. 


This traditional style of engagement ring really shows off your chosen diamond or coloured precious stone. The stone can be set in a variety of styles including rub set and claw set, but the band of the rings stays clean and neat. 

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This engagement ring style showcases three main stones. Often people choose one larger stone flanked by two smaller stones. Coloured precious stones are becoming a popular choice in trilogy rings too.

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Cluster / Halo

This engagement ring style uses a collection of stones that can vary in style, cut and colour. A popular and classic cluster ring is the ‘halo style’. Here, a central larger stone is surrounded by a halo of smaller stones (hence the name).

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Diamond set band

This is a lovely way to frame the centre stone of your engagement ring. You can choose to have the band fully set or half set, it’s entirely up to you. We love how this gives your bespoke ring that extra sparkle!

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