Wedding ring profiles

When talking about wedding rings, it helps to ‘learn the language’. Here at Form Bespoke Jewellers, we will help to make it easy for you. Whether you’re looking to buy a ready-made piece or create a bespoke wedding ring, you need to consider the shape (or “profile”) that you would like. This creates the base for the rest of the design process.

Traditional court

These have a rounded profile on both the outside and inside. This gives a fully tactile finish and comfortable fit on the finger.

Traditional Court, Form Bespoke Jewellers.jpg

Square court

This is a very modern style and is a variation on the traditional court but with less of a rounded style. They too have a court fit on the inside to ensure a comfortable fit.

Square Court, Form Bespoke Jewellers.jpg

Flat court with a flat edge

These have a contemporary look with a flat outside edge and deep side walls. This gives you the option to have some stones set on the top of the ring or just along an edge. They have a court fit on the inside of the ring ensuring a comfortable fit.

Flat court - flat edge, Form Bespoke Jewellers.jpg

Flat court with no wall

These have a contemporary flat top edge too but without the side walls of the flat court rings above. Again, these have a court fit on the inside of the ring for a comfortable fit.

Flat Court - no wall, Form Bespoke Jewellers.jpg

Why not take a look at our Wedding Ring Portfolio for some inspiration too …>

Sometimes, it can be helpful to come and talk directly with the jeweller who will be creating your bespoke wedding ring. We can then show you the different wedding ring profiles too. And you can try them on to find out what feels comfortable for you. Book an appointment here…>