Bespoke eternity ring styles

When planning a bespoke eternity ring, there are many styles to take into consideration. But don’t panic. Our expert Yorkshire jewellers are here to guide you through the process. We will help you to create a unique eternity ring that compliments your existing jewellery, and also suits your individual style and budget.

Fully diamond set eternity rings

A classic eternity ring style is to have petite diamonds set around the entire band of your eternity ring. Some people choose to have diamonds channel set into the band for a tactile finish. Others choose grain setting for extra sparkle!

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Part diamond set eternity rings

Sometimes all that sparkle could be just too much for you. Instead, concentrating the sparkles across the top of the band could be the perfect solution for your unique style. Remember, its often nice to try and compliment your existing jewellery. And less diamonds doesn’t mean less interesting. You could include a twist in the band or scalloped edging?

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Coloured eternity rings

Eternity rings often include a selection of smaller precious stones. So why not take this opportunity to add a bit of colour to your ring collection! Maybe you could include yours/your partner’s birthstone. Or a coloured gemstone to represent each of your family members.

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Non-traditional eternity rings

As we are a bespoke jewellers, we have the ability to create almost any design, however unusual. Were a classic eternity style has petite diamonds set into a straight band, this doesn’t have to be the case. Why not add a romantic symbol into the mix? Or go bold with your diamond/gemstone choices?

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We know there are lots of decisions to make and many design choices. But don’t worry. Our experiences jewellers are always here to help you.