Fitted Wedding Ring for OM Engagement Ring

The customer returned to us for a fitted wedding ring to perfectly fit their OM engagement ring.

After we had created the customer's bespoke engagement ring, inspired by the OM symbol, we always new a fitted wedding ring would be the best decision for their wedding ring. A fitted wedding ring means that it is specifically shaped to fit the engagement ring perfectly, by hand in our case and a speciality of ours here at Form Bespoke Jewellers.

Once a pewter prototype had been hand carved by our expert jewellers, it was tried and approved by the customer and then sent to our reputable casters to be cast in the same metal as the engagement ring, a beautiful platinum.

The fitted wedding ring was then hand polished and finished in our Chapel Allerton workshop.

The customer also chose to have some added detailing added to their wedding ring for a bespoke personal statement. As we are a bespoke jewellers, we can add almost any detail to your rings to suit your individual style.

Handmade by Form Bespoke Jewellers in Chapel Allerton, Leeds, West Yorkshire.

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