18ct White Gold Bespoke Fitted Wedding Ring

Designed to fit perfectly around an antique engagement ring

This customer was looking to create a fitted wedding ring to sit perfectly against their antique two stone engagement ring. The team at Form Bespoke Jewellers in Leeds, hand made a prototype profile model in pwerter, which when approved by the customer was cast into 18ct white gold to match the engagement ring.

After the final fitting against the engagement ring to ensure a perfect fit the ring was hand finished at the Chapel Al;lerton studio in Leeds.

To find out more about our process of creating a fitted wedding ring please read out guide, we handmade the wedding ring to fit perfectly against YOUR engagement ring and as all the work is carried out at our Chapel Allerton studio in Leeds your engagement ring will never leave our premises (unlike with other jewellers who will send it away) and you will only be without your engagement ring for a couple of days, not the 4-6 weeks quoted by high street jewellers.

Handmade by Form Bespoke Jewellers in Chapel Allerton, Leeds, West Yorkshire.

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