Platinum Diamond Scalloped Eternity Ring

A platinum eternity ring with diamonds in a beautiful scalloped design.


Diamond Set

Precious Metal:



Part Set

The customer came to our Leeds studio with a selection of diamonds that they wanted to incorporate into a bespoke eternity ring. After sitting down with our expert jewellers, a scalloped design was developed that would really show off the different sizes of round brilliant cut diamonds.

The design was then translated onto our CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. This method allows the customer to see a virtual 3D image of their ring design. The customer was thrilled and so the design was sent to our casters to be cast in platinum. On its return to our Yorkshire workshop, the customer’s diamonds were hand set into the band and their bespoke eternity ring was hand finished and polished.

This unique eternity ring is a beautiful example of how Form Bespoke Jewellers can transform your diamonds, or inherited jewellery pieces, into a bespoke fine jewellery piece that suits your current individual style.

Handmade by Form Bespoke Jewellers in Chapel Allerton, Leeds, West Yorkshire.

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