Platinum Uncut Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring

A bespoke trilogy engagement ring showcasing an uncut diamond.



Precious Metal:



Uncut Diamond, Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

The customer came to us knowing that they want to use an uncut diamond as the centre stone in a unique trilogy engagement ring. It was all about combining rustic and modern design.

So the first port of call was to find the perfect diamond combination. Our expert jewellers sourced a selection of uncut and polished diamonds for the customer to view. They chose the specific uncut diamond for the centre and then decided on two round brilliant cut diamonds to flank it. The round diamonds are of matching colour and clarity to frame the uncut diamond beautifully and create a sparkling balance in the trilogy.

It was important to the customer that the engagement ring also had a unique setting and shoulder detail. Working from some designs that they had seen online (and that they knew their partner liked!), a plaited design developed. The shoulders would transform into a plait that then wrapped around the neat trilogy setting.

It was all about the charming, contrasting detail with this design. The customer managed to incorporate all the personal touches that were important to them and the final design was beautiful.

Handmade by Form Bespoke Jewellers in Chapel Allerton, Leeds, West Yorkshire.

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