2017 at Form Bespoke Jewellers

Well, can you believe that another year has nearly reached its end! And what a year it has been… full to the brim with engagements, weddings and celebrations of love. (And we’re all for love!)

We thought we’d have a natter with our expert jewellers, Tim and Gary, about the jewellery trends of 2017 here at Form Bespoke Jewellers.

 What has been the most popular type of jewellery piece requested this year?

Well we’ve been full to the brim with engagement ring and wedding ring commissions. There are definitely many happy couples in the world, that’s for sure. It’s been a feel mix of styles and budgets too which is great to see. Mainly, we have seen customers coming to us with sentimental, bespoke designs that they would like us to bring to life.

Bespoke Engagement Ring, Bespoke Wedding Ring, Bespoke Fitted Wedding Ring.jpg

We’ve also created an increasing number of dress rings this year too. Some customers designing special pieces for their loved one, others commissioning treats for themselves or some customers redesigning inherited pieces into new jewellery that suits their current style. It’s lovely to be able to offer this special service, here at Form Bespoke Jewellers. We are privileged to be asked to take on this responsibility; enabling people to rework sentimental jewellery pieces into something  more wearable.

Bespoke Dress Rings.jpg

Which engagement ring style has been the preferred choice for 2017?

Cluster engagement rings have kept their top spot as the most popular engagement ring style this year, particularly a halo design. Customers are choosing both coloured and diamond centres stones and also different metals too. There are so many options with this style of ring. The halo cluster is a classic design (see HRH Kate Middleton’s ring for inspiration). But each one can look so different depending on the combination of metal and stones.

Bespoke Halo Engagement Rings.jpg

Also solitaire engagement rings, especially ones with unusual diamond cuts, have grown in popularity. Customers have been enquiring about oval cut diamonds and emerald cut diamonds, amongst others. It definitely seems like people are looking for that contemporary twist on a classic style.

Bespoke Solitaire Engagement Rings.jpg

Has platinum, palladium, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold been the most popular?

The white metals are always the most popular. Even though platinum has had one of its most cost-effective years for the customer, white gold still proves to be just as sought after as ever. The gents still seem keen to keep a trend with palladium too and also 9 carat options. Well done gents!

Bespoke White Gold Fitted Wedding Ring, Bespoke Palladium Wedding Ring, Bespoke Platinum Engagement Ring.jpg

That being said, we have seen an increase in both yellow and rose gold choices as well. Particularly with cluster engagement rings, yellow gold has been used to bring a classic element to the halo style. Rose gold has increased across the board with both engagement and wedding rings, so we still think this precious metal is an ever-growing trend.

Bespoke Rose Gold Engagement Ring, Bespoke Yellow Gold Engagement Ring.jpg

How about Fairtrade Gold?

We’re pleased to say that more and more customers are enquiring about Fairtrade options and ethical choices with their jewellery. We have literature and POS in our showroom to promote Fairtrade Gold, but it is great to see customers arriving with their own questions about where precious metals and diamonds have come from.

Fairtrade Gold at Form Bespoke Jewellers.png

Photo courtesy of Hockey Mint. We are proud to be a part of the Hockley Mint Fairtrade Ambassadors Scheme and we believe in the importance of Fairtrade Gold. We hope to see a continued increasing awareness in Fairtrade options.

Have coloured stones made more of an appearance this year?

Yes, we would say so. Particularly in engagement rings. Trilogy engagement rings and cluster engagement rings tend to showcase a mixture of both coloured precious stones and diamonds. Coloured stones can sometimes be a more cost-effective option too so this works really well in a multi-stone design where you can add a bright pop of colour.

Bespoke Coloured Precious Stone Engagement Rings.jpg

The dress ring designs in 2017 have also boasted quite a lot of coloured stones, sometimes from a collection of pre-owned jewellery. Quite a few customers have come to us with a mixed jewellery collections to be turned into versatile stacking rings with coloured stones. This is a lovely way to re-work existing jewellery.

Bespoke Stacking Dress Rings.jpg

What do you expect to be on trend for 2018?

Well we’ve recently been given the greatest inspiration of all for engagement rings. Thanks to (HRH) Harry and Meghan Markle, the trilogy ring is sure to be a popular one for 2018. And cushion cut diamonds too (which is the centre stone in Meghan’s ring). We have noticed a growing popularity in this diamond cut anyway, but with The Royals choosing it too, it’s likely to be requested more during the designing process.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.jpg

Photo courtesy of BBC. What was lovely to see with this proposal, was Meghan’s reaction to the fact that the ring had been designed by Harry.

We know just how she feels! As a bespoke jewellers, we feel so privileged to be a part of this process for so many couples and we see from them just how special it is.

Bring on 2018. If you would like to talk to our jewellers about a bespoke commission, please get in touch via our contact page. Or you can call 0113 262 4064.

We will be back open on Tuesday 2nd January. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.