Helpful Information on Fairtrade Gold

Some Helpful Information on Fairtrade Gold

(Images and information courtesy of Hockley Mint).

Form Bespoke Jewellers are proud to be a part of the Hockley Mint Fairtrade Ambassadors Scheme. We offer Fairtrade Gold options on all our jewellery.

Basic Fairtrade Gold Facts

  • Fairtrade Gold initiatives could affect up to 100 million people.

  • Fairtrade Gold is both sustainably and ethically sourced.

  • Fairtrade mines are legal and miners are legally supported.

  • Fairtrade miners are given specialist safety equipment, technology and training.

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Becoming Fairtrade Certified

  • It can take from 3 to 7 years for a mine to be certified as fully Fairtrade.

  • Fairtrade mines must meet and maintain a set of Fairtrade Standards.

  • Once established, the mine is supervised by Fairtrade.

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The Fairtrade Premium and the Community

  • $2000 per kilo of gold is given to Fairtrade mining communities to help with local improvements.

  • Fairtrade work alongside the community as a collective to choose where the Premium is spent.

  • The Premium often goes towards heath care, infrastructure and education.

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Woman and Fairtrade Gold

  • The rights of women in artisanal gold mines are supported by Fairtrade.

  • Women are given a voice alongside the men in their community.

  • Fairtrade involvement has enable the reporting of domestic violence.

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Children and Fairtrade Gold

  • Children under 18 years old are prohibited from entering Fairtrade mines.

  • Changes in the use of mercury means that babies and children live in a safer, healthier environment.

  • Children are able to access a supported education.

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  • Mercury poisoning can cause kidney problems, severe headaches, and attack the digestion system and central nervous system.

  • Fairtrade aims to remove the use of mercury by implementing other methods such as ‘gold catchers’.

  • Fairtrade minors are given safety-ware to protect them from inhaling toxic chemicals.

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Simply put, choosing Fairtrade Gold means that you are supporting artisanal gold miners:

  • to work in safe and fair conditions

  • to change the social and environmental impact of the materials they work with

  • to support the health and wellbeing of their community

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It makes sense to choose Fairtrade Gold.

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